ToolRoom Records Friends of the Family: Meet antonio

Click the link below to read Tone’s recent interview with Toolroom Records about his history with the Fire Department, thoughts on House Music, and his last show in the U.K. at Studio 338.


ToolRoom 15 World TOur Short FILM (2019)

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2018 marked 15 years of Toolroom, and to celebrate we undertook our biggest ever tour. We danced with 22,000 clubbers across 15 cities and 3 continents, visiting warehouses, rooftops, beach parties and festivals along the way. Rather than filming the usual tour documentary, we wanted to turn the camera back on the people who make it all possible. The Toolroom Family. In this short film, we follow four of our most loyal followers - Antonio from New York, Howako from Tokyo, and Reg and Roscoe from the UK. We delve into their connection with electronic music culture, and what Toolroom means to them.

This is the start of something special we¹ve been working on in the background for sometime, and the one message to take away from all of this is - THANK YOU. It¹s more than a record label. It¹s a family. Stay tuned and sign up to for more information.

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In a series of flirtations and fails, six real-life singles navigate five first dates. Their mission: Find one perfect match worthy of a second date. Dating Around launches on Netflix on February 14.

Catch Tone Troy on Episode 5.